Video: Two ways we can work with dreams using EFT

You might have heard the phrase that “dreams are the royal road to the unconscious mind”. Sigmund Freud was one of the pioneers when it comes to this idea. He claimed that by analyzing the different associations that come up for us when thinking about our dreams, we can find out things about ourselves we didn’t know about.

Some of our dreams seem to be totally random or forgettable, while others seem to have a higher significance, or at least a higher emotional charge. Today I’ll talk about two possible ways we can use EFT to work on our dreams.

The first way is to tap on the dream itself, by using Basic EFT. This means to ask yourself: While thinking about this dream that you had, what feeling, emotion or sensation do you notice coming up for you now? And then you can start your first round of tapping, saying something like: “Even though, when I think about this dream, especially the part when… (it helps to add that extra level of detail of what part or “aspect” of the dream you are focusing on) I feel…, I notice this is what I’m feeling right now”.

And then, as usual, notice what other “aspects” and associations come up during and after each round of tapping and keep modifying your setup statements accordingly.

The second way, on the other hand, is to use the dream as a “springboard” to find related memories or events. You can do this by asking yourself: “What does this dream remind me of?” Maybe it reminds you of one or more memories from your past, or it could even remind you of a certain “future event” you are anticipating or dreading. 

As long as there’s any kind of unpleasant emotional charge when thinking about it, you can tap on it. Remember to tap on one event at a time.

And, as I usually say, if you suspect that a dream or memory might be too emotionally intense and/or traumatic to work on your own, feel free to enlist the aid of a certified practitioner with a mental health background, such as myself, to help you with that. The same applies if you feel like it might be too hard to keep track of all the different memories and aspects at play. Feel free to get in touch with me, even if only to ask me for some free advice or guidance on how to tap on something by yourself.

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