Enhancing Performance with EFT and Visualization

Increasing your effectiveness with EFT, part 125.

It’s well known that sportspeople and performers who visualize themselves doing their task successfully have a higher likelihood of doing it well. Visualization can be a powerful tool, but sometimes, even when we try to visualize ourselves doing it well, we might struggle. The visualization might not feel congruent, and we might notice our body becoming tight or experiencing some kind of tension. Or we might start remembering previous times when we weren’t able to do it well. This is where EFT can help us. We can simply tap using phrases that acknowledge where we are right now.

For example: “When I try to visualize singing the national anthem, the chorus where there’s that very high note, I notice my throat and neck get very tight, and this is just where I’m at right now.”

Or let’s say that when I try to visualize myself playing the first match of the tennis tournament next week and doing a powerful serve, I notice these thoughts coming up about the last tournament where I couldn’t serve well, and ended up losing the match because of that. 

So I can choose a specific scene within that memory and notice how I feel now when thinking about it, and that’s the phrase I can use. “When I remember trying to serve but the ball would keep going to the net, it was so frustrating! And I feel this frustration in my chest and arms, this is just where I’m at right now.”

Remember, after each round of tapping, reassess how you are feeling now when thinking about that memory or about that future visualization, and change the phrase you use for the next round accordingly.

By using EFT in conjunction with positive visualization, we can uncover unresolved stress and tension that might be hindering our performance. This process might not be a one-session wonder, but something we can chip away at gradually over time. By acknowledging and tapping on our current state, we can clear these blocks and improve our performance.

I’m Bruno Sade, a clinical psychologist and Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner. My approach is compassionate and tailored to your unique experiences and needs.

What do you think about this approach? Have you ever tried using EFT to enhance your performance in sports or other activities? I’d love to hear about your experiences. Your feedback is crucial for shaping our discussions. Please share your thoughts below or reach out to me directly. 

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