Video: The Role of Repetition in Choosing What to Work on with EFT

Deciding what to work on with EFT can sometimes pose a challenge, whether we’re considering a broader ‘issue’ or a specific memory. With so many memories to choose from, the decision can be overwhelming. Today, I’d like to discuss the concept of repetition as a useful indicator of what we might want to address.

By “repetition”, I’m referring to patterns, memories or issues that keep showing up repeatedly in your consciousness or daily life. For example, do you keep having a recurring dream or nightmare? Is there a certain memory, or perhaps even a future event, that continually comes to mind? You might even find that a particular thought, memory, or mental image keeps appearing when you’re tapping on a different subject.

These could all be signs that it’s time to address them, possibly indicating that your subconscious mind is bringing them to the surface for you to work on.

An important distinction to keep in mind: just because something emerges as a potential topic to work on, it doesn’t mean you should tackle it on your own. Using the “cup of tea analogy” we discussed in a previous article, if a dream or memory is “too hot to touch” (meaning, it’s too emotionally intense or traumatic to work on by yourself) it’s advisable to enlist the aid of a certified practitioner to help you navigate that territory safely. Feel free to reach out to me for advice or guidance on how to approach these sensitive topics with EFT.

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