Video: Easing the Pressure Clients Might Feel During an EFT Session – Let’s Share Our Thoughts

In this video, we delve into a less-discussed aspect of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) sessions – the pressure or anxiety a client might feel during an EFT session with a practitioner. While we, as practitioners, are often focused on our performance, it’s crucial to acknowledge and address the concerns clients might have, such as “Will this work for me?” or “Why won’t the SUDs (subjective units of distress) drop faster?”.

Throughout the video, we explore the evolution of EFT, from its initial skepticism-fueled reception 40 years ago to the positive expectations people might have today, thanks to numerous research studies and trustworthy endorsements. However, these positive expectations can sometimes lead clients to carry certain pressures and anxieties into their sessions.

Being an EFT practitioner, I share my empathy for the challenges clients face. They are often asked to navigate vulnerable and uncomfortable emotions, struggle with identifying their feelings, and continuously reassess after each round. I always aim to make this process as easy, gentle, and comfortable as possible.

I also share some of my practices that help ease the pressure for clients. One such approach focuses more on what emerges for the client after each round of tapping, rather than solely on the lessening of the emotional intensity of the previous issue. I reassure clients that it’s perfectly okay if nothing new seems to surface after a round of tapping, and that whatever they are thinking or feeling is perfectly okay.

The goal of this video is not just to share my thoughts but also to invite you – practitioners or not – to join this conversation. How can we, as a community, create a more supportive environment for our clients? How can we help them feel more comfortable and get the most out of their EFT sessions? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments or through private messages.

 Together, we can reassure our clients that they are doing nothing wrong, and that their comfort and progress are our top priorities. Enjoy the video and let’s continue this important conversation.

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