Video: Discovering Emotional Roots – The Power of Guessing in EFT Tapping

In previous videos, we talked about focusing on specific events when using EFT tapping to make it more effective. A great place to start is with recent and future events.

However, after working on those, you might want to tap into earlier memories that could be closer to the root of the issue you’re trying to work through.

The tricky part is that we (or our clients) often don’t know exactly where our problems come from. Trying to figure out those events can be stressful, making it even harder. That’s why today, I want to share a simple method to take off some of that pressure and make it easier to find an earlier event: “Just guess”.

In other words, if you had to take a guess about the origin of this issue, what event or memory comes to mind?

Here’s the important part: it doesn’t matter if your guess isn’t accurate. As long as it helps you (or your clients) think of an event that still stirs up some emotions, you can tap on it to “get the ball rolling”.

Even if it’s not the exact starting point, you’re still working on something that’s probably connected to the main issue. More importantly, tapping often brings up other related thoughts, images, and memories from the subconscious mind. Even if they seem unrelated or random, there’s usually a connection. This idea of seemingly random thoughts popping up (which aren’t really random) is called “free association”, which was discovered by Freud over a hundred years ago. It’s one of the things that tapping is really good at bringing out.

Lastly, as I usually mention, if you suspect that a memory might be too emotionally intense or traumatic to work on by yourself, or you’d like help implementing these tips, consider enlisting the assistance of a certified practitioner with a mental health background, like myself. The same goes if you find it difficult to keep track of all the different memories and aspects involved. Feel free to contact me, even if it’s just to ask for some free advice or guidance on tapping on your own.

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