Video: First session with Tina – Working on the issue of procrastination

In this new series, you can watch whole sessions of Bruno doing EFT with clients (who have previously agreed to have their sessions recorded for this purpose), so that you can get a sense of what an EFT session with him might be like.

In this first tapping session with Tina, we start to address the issue of procrastination on promoting her business.

Notice how we come up with specific events (in this case, “future anticipated events”) to tap on, and then the different aspects or layers of the onion that come up after each round.

In each round we are tapping on how each of those aspects/layers of the onion feels when thinking about it now.

Notice also how, when it comes to procrastination, as I’ve mentioned in previous videos and articles, one of the reasons we tend to procrastinate is because there’s something about the task itself (the process of doing it) or the possible consequences of having done it that, on some level, feels like it’s unsafe and/or emotionally painful.

With EFT we can diminish and/or release the unpleasant emotional reactions about doing the task we are procrastinating on so that, then, it gets easier to do it.

Thank you very much, Tina, for volunteering to do these sessions with me!

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