Video: How to use EFT to diminish our procrastination

When it comes to working on our procrastination with EFT, first of all it’s worth asking ourselves whether the task we are procrastinating is something that we really want to do or if it’s just something someone told us we “should” do, but it’s not really aligned with our values and purpose. Getting clear on that, and connecting to our deeper why can be very helpful in terms of motivation.

Something else worth mentioning is not to fall into the trap of “EFT perfectionism” becoming another reason to procrastinate. In other words, the idea that “I won’t do this task until I have tapped on and cleared every single aspect and memory that could be connected to this”. Sometimes it can be more useful to tap enough so that we can take action with a regulated nervous system, and then in any case we can tap after we did the task itself (that we were procrastinating on), so as to make it easier the next time we have to do it again.

Now, when it comes to how to actually apply EFT, it can be useful to ask ourselves: what might go wrong during or after I do this task? In other words, what seems to be painful, scary or unpleasant about the task itself or the perceived consequences of having done it? And then we can tap on our emotional reactions to those things taking place.

For example, if I want to write blog articles but I’m procrastinating on it, maybe what might go wrong during the task itself might be imagining myself staring at the blank screen, not knowing what to write next.

And what might go wrong afterwards is imagining that someone reads it and criticizes me harshly.

So, these are all “tappable made up scenarios”. The more we diminish and release our unpleasant emotional reactions to them, the safer we’ll feel about doing the task we were procrastinating on, and therefore we won’t need as much willpower to do it. This is how we work on the reasons for our procrastination.

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