Monthly group class + demo session

EFT nuances, Q&A, and borrowing benefits demo

The second Friday of each month at 12pm New York time (or 9am California time) I’m offering an online group class/session with the following sections: borrowing benefits live demo + Q&A + brief presentation on a different EFT-related subject each month. This is aimed for anybody who:

  • Would like to tap along with me and someone else as we have a live demo session, in a borrowing benefits kind of way. What this means is that you come up with a memory or future situation you’d like to work on, and simply write it down on a piece of paper and put it aside. And then you just focus on tapping along with me and the person I’m working on that day (which might be you if you are so inclined);
  • Would like to enjoy a safe space to ask any questions about EFT and discuss some of the challenges that might come up when using EFT on ourselves or others;
  • Would like to learn useful mindsets to have as EFT practitioners that I’ve learned as a psychologist;
  • Would like to get together with other like-minded EFT enthusiasts to continue learning and growing;
  • Has read some of my articles and/or watched any one of the 2 live borrowing benefits sessions I led for EFT Master Trainers of Trainers Alina Frank and Craig Weiner’s 23 day Tapping Challenge this year and resonates with my style and point of view.

Hi, my name is Bruno Sade, and I’m a certified EFT practitioner and a clinical psychologist licensed in Argentina. When I led two of the group borrowing benefits session for the 23 day tapping challenge that Craig Weiner and Alina Frank hosted this year, some people expressed an interest in continuing to have these brief presentations + live demos + Q&A with me, because they resonated with my point of view plus they felt very safe by the way I responded to their questions and observations. So I thought about creating this monthly offering.

The cost to attend each group session is 20 usd. However, I want to make it accessible to everyone, so if for whatever reason you cannot afford it, simply email me at or send me a private message here, and I’ll give you access to the class.

We will be using Zoom and only the presentation and Q&A portion of the class will be recorded, and available to be watched by those who sign up for the class for the next 10 days after the class takes place. This is because I want everyone to feel safe and able to be vulnerable with their questions, comments, challenges and/or volunteering for the borrowing benefits session of the day.

Our next encounter is going to take place on Friday, June 16th, 2023, at 12 pm Eastern Time (or 9 am Pacific Time). Duration: anywhere between 90 minutes and 2 hours. This month’s presentation is going to be about (to be announced).

If you’d like to sign up or know more, email me at 
Or you can sign up for it directly by clicking on this link:

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