Video: The EFT Sandwich – How to Emphasize Emotion in Your Tapping Setup Statement

When coming up with a setup statement to start tapping, it can be useful to emphasize the emotion that we are focusing on with our tapping, since this is what tends to shift when we do EFT. One way to do this is with the following structure:

Even though I feel… (name the main emotion you are feeling)when I think about… (name the specific event or situation you are focusing on)because… (what about the event is making you feel this way)and I feel this… (name again the main emotion you are feeling) in my (name the part of your body where you are mostly feeling that emotion)this is just where I’m at right now (or any other balancing statement you prefer, such as “I deeply and completely accept myself”).

Let’s look at a couple of examples in the video below:

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