The Usefulness of Tapping on Future Events

Tapping on Future Events is helpful because:

– It allows us to come up with an easier focus for our tapping, because we tend to have many negative memories in our past to choose from, but ultimately we are trying to improve our future.

– By asking ourselves: “What do I notice coming up for me now when I think about this future event?” before and after each round, we can meet ourselves exactly where we are by uncovering the next layer of the onion. And we can also notice the spontaneous and empowering cognitive shifts that emerge as we start to diminish the unpleasant emotional intensity attached to whatever we were tapping on.

– We can trust the process that whatever memories come up during or after each round that we were tapping on that future event are going to be relevant memories connected to the issue at hand. So it’s a great way to find the relevant memories without having to figure it all out intellectually.

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