The Town Hall Meeting Analogy

Increasing your effectiveness with EFT, part 117.

When we practice EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or explore our feelings, a useful analogy to consider is the Town Hall Meeting.

Imagine a Town Hall Meeting where community members take turns speaking. If everyone speaks simultaneously, understanding individual voices becomes challenging. Typically, the organizer would pass around a microphone to manage this, allowing one person to speak at a time.

However, what if, for some reason, certain individuals are never given the microphone? They might feel ignored and start to raise their voices, becoming increasingly disruptive.

This scenario is similar to dealing with our emotions. There’s a saying: “What you resist, persists.” EFT encourages us to face whatever we are feeling at the moment. This is akin to giving the microphone to someone who has been overlooked, allowing them to express their thoughts.

Acknowledging feelings doesn’t mean we act on them impulsively. For example, expressing anger doesn’t mean you should act violently; rather, it’s about acknowledging the anger while tapping and letting it be heard without rushing to suppress it. Often, just allowing these feelings to be expressed can lead to a sense of relief.

In EFT sessions, it’s beneficial not to ignore or rush through our emotions. If a client is apprehensive about addressing a specific memory or issue, I suggest we tap on that fear first. Sometimes, this leads us to postpone the issue to a more appropriate time. Other times, the client may feel less fearful and more prepared to proceed.

I’m Bruno Sade, a clinical psychologist and certified EFT practitioner. I take a compassionate and open-minded approach, tailoring sessions to fit your unique needs and background.

How does the Town Hall Meeting Analogy resonate with you? Your feedback is invaluable in shaping our discussions. Please share your thoughts below or contact me directly.

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