Changing Course: The Power of Small, Steady Shifts in Overcoming Personal Challenges

Increasing your effectiveness with EFT, part 75.

Sometimes when addressing our issues, we may become discouraged by their complexity and multi-layered nature. At times, we feel like we’re making progress, but at others, we might feel stuck or as though we’re regressing. I’d like to share an encouraging analogy I heard years ago: the analogy of a ship in the ocean.

Imagine a ship on the ocean, pointed toward a particular, potentially negative, destination. If the ship never alters its course, day by day it continues heading toward that unwanted destination. This scenario echoes a famous phrase attributed to Albert Einstein: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

However, if we manage to adjust the ship’s course, even slightly, the difference may seem insignificant in the short term. Still, over time (which inevitably passes), even a minor change in direction will ultimately lead the ship to a drastically different destination. This is the result of compounding slow but steady changes in the right direction.

It’s worth noting that the word ‘steady’ doesn’t mean that progress has to happen every single day, without fail. In reality, life comes with its ups and downs, and there might be periods when progress seems slow or even nonexistent. However, as long as we ensure that we’re dedicating some time to work on our issues, even if it’s just a few times per month, the likelihood is high that our metaphorical ship will continue to sail towards a better destination. These consistent, even if sporadic, efforts can be enough to nudge our course in the right direction. 

This analogy helps us understand the gradual and compounding nature of personal change and growth, and encourages us to stick with our efforts, knowing that even small shifts can lead to big changes over time. It’s especially true when we find a sustainable way to address our issues, either by ourselves or with the aid of an experienced practitioner.

So even if there are times when it feels like our issues are overwhelming us, we can find comfort and motivation in the knowledge that we are gradually adjusting the course of our metaphorical ship. By doing so, we’re now sailing toward a different, better destination, no longer on auto-pilot driven by old, unexamined triggers, wounds, and beliefs.

Then, one day, when we look back, we realize all the progress we’ve made. Of course, nothing is ever truly perfect – new problems inevitably arise and some of our old problems might persist, although in a diminished form – but there is a noticeable, positive difference. And when we see that difference, we understand and feel that all our efforts and persistence were truly worth it.

That’s it for today! My name is Bruno Sade, a compassionate, open-minded clinical psychologist and certified EFT practitioner. I’m dedicated to helping you break free from negative emotional reactions and cultivate a balanced, resilient mindset. My approach is flexible and tailored to your individual needs and preferences. Your experiences, beliefs, and background are always honored and respected in our work together.

What do you think about this analogy? Do you have questions or comments about this article, or suggestions for future topics? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below, or through a private message. 

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