Video: The Gentle Techniques in a nutshell

I recently added this video to my “What is it like to work with me using EFT” youtube playlist. It’s about how we can use the different Gentle Techniques to work on something that might feel too emotionally intense.

If a thought or memory comes up, and it feels like it would be too emotionally intense to tap on it directly, we can use some of the Gentle Techniques of EFT to start taking the edge off of it, from a distance. 

For example, we can “Sneak Up” by tapping on how you feel about the idea of working on this memory. 

Or we can “Chase the Sensation” by simply focusing on the physical sensation that has come up, without needing to say anything about the memory at all. 

Or we can really “zoom out” and simply tap by saying “Even though there’s this memory/event, right here right now I’m ok”, without mentioning any details about the memory. 

Or we can imagine we place the event in a safe container or location that you choose with your imagination, and we simply tap on the description of that container or location, without mentioning the memory at all. Between rounds we simply check whether there has been any change in any of the container’s qualities, so that we are always tapping on their most current description. 

All of these Gentle Techniques allow us to work on the different aspects of the memory indirectly, behind the scenes, without having to face them head on.

What if you want to tap on something that feels too emotionally intense?

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