Is There Really Such a Thing as “Negative Energy”?

Increasing your effectiveness with EFT, part 72.

Have you ever wondered if “negative energy” is truly negative? What if our perception of “negative energy”, such as the draining effect of a chronically complaining friend, isn’t inherently negative, but rather our personal energy system’s response to it? Much like an allergic reaction triggered by a previous wound or blockage?

This interesting perspective was first introduced by Silvia Hartmann, a pioneer in the world of energy tapping techniques, including but not limited to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

Today, instead of considering the typical neurological explanations (involving the amygdala, limbic system, and so on), we are going to explore this from an “energy system” perspective.

Let’s take an example: based on certain experiences, some people might have adverse reactions to the color orange. This is not because orange carries a negative energy, but because their energy system has become “allergic” to it.

According to Hartmann, energy only causes pain when there’s an injury in the energy body. This is akin to how salt only hurts when it comes into contact with a wound in the skin. The solution, therefore, lies in repairing the energy injury, and once that’s done, the so-called “negative” energy won’t cause pain anymore.

Note that I’m not referring here to traumas or experiences of physical violence or abuse, but rather to everyday interactions like dealing with other people’s complaints or negativity.

What tapping techniques like EFT offer us is a way to gently dissolve these energy blockages, which manifest as stuck, unpleasant emotions, or sometimes even physical pain. By releasing these blockages, energy can flow freely again, and previously triggering circumstances won’t affect us as they used to.

That’s it for today! My name is Bruno Sade, a compassionate, open-minded clinical psychologist and certified EFT practitioner. I’m dedicated to helping you break free from negative emotional reactions and cultivate a balanced, resilient mindset. My approach is flexible and tailored to your individual needs and preferences. Your experiences, beliefs, and background are always honored and respected in our work together.

Have you noticed any “adverse reactions” to certain energies in your energy system? Do you have questions or comments about this article, or suggestions for future topics? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below, or through a private message. 

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