Video: Eyes Open or Closed? Managing Emotional Intensity in EFT

In today’s video, we explore an often-overlooked aspect of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) – should you keep your eyes open or closed during the tapping process? As both practitioners and clients, understanding this concept can help us manage emotional intensity more effectively.

Using the “cup of tea” analogy, we’ll discuss how keeping your eyes open or closed can alter the “temperature” of your focus during EFT. Open eyes can serve as a grounding tool, allowing a safe distance from distressing memories, reducing the risk of becoming excessively emotionally overwhelmed. On the other hand, closing your eyes can enhance your ability to tune into the memory or event, potentially uncovering additional emotionally charged aspects needing attention.

This video will be beneficial whether you are a practitioner seeking guidance for your clients or someone personally interested in EFT. I will provide insights and advice on how to approach this issue with safety and sensitivity.

Remember, EFT should be a gentle and safe process. If a memory appears too intense or traumatic, don’t hesitate to seek help from a certified practitioner with a mental health background. Feel free to reach out for advice or guidance on how to navigate these sensitive topics with EFT.

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