What is it like to work with me using EFT? Video playlist


This is the video playlist version of this article: This is what I want you to know about the process of doing EFT with me 

I divided it up into short youtube videos. 

EFT helps us diminish and release our unpleasant emotional reactions to thoughts, memories and triggers.

It works best when we apply it in a specific way. Such as a recent time when the problem showed up in your life, or the next time it might show up. 

Before and after each round of tapping I’ll ask you what aspect of the problem is your mind focusing on now, and what feeling, emotion or sensation comes up for you now when you place your attention on that aspect. 

After a round of tapping, your mind might now be focusing on that same aspect, or maybe on a different aspect. Either way it’s ok. The reason we stop and reassess after each round is to make sure that we are aiming the tapping at whatever feels most true and relevant for you right now.